About the Founder

Inspiration Forever
“Karmayogi” Shriramji Chokhani
1924 - 2010

Late Shri Shriramji C. Chokhani

Sudal Industries Limited was founded by the visionary late Mr. Shriram C. Chokhani. A pioneer in the aluminum extrusion industry, Mr. Chokhani's relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation laid the foundation for what Sudal Industries stands for today.

With a deep commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Mr. Chokhani steered the company towards becoming a leader in the industry. His dedication to adopting cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices has left a lasting legacy that continues to guide Sudal Industries.

Under his leadership, the company not only achieved significant milestones but also set new benchmarks in the manufacturing sector. His entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering integrity have inspired generations and continue to influence the company’s core values and mission.

We honor his memory by continuing to uphold the standards of excellence he established and by striving to make Sudal Industries a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the aluminum extrusion industry.

Board of Directors
Mr. Sudarshan Shriram Chokhani
Managing Director
Mr. Shyantanu Sudarshan Chokhani
Non-Executive Director
Mr. Mukesh Vijayshi Ashar
Whole-Time Director
Mr. Lalit V. Maharshi
Independent Director
Mr. Jal Sam Thanawala
Independent Director
Mrs. Madhuri Ahire
Independent Director
Key Management Team
Mr. Debasis Acharya
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Mukesh Vijayshi Ashar
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Rajendra Shah
Chief Marketing Manager
Mr. Kishore Dulla
Commercial Manager
Mr. Shirish Raut
Sr. Manager – Sourcing & B.D.
Mr. Mangesh Jagtap
H.R. Manager
Mr. Sudhir Shah
Marketing Manager
Mr. S. K. Yadav
Manager - Remelt Shop
Mr. S. S. Das
Manager - QA
Mr. R. S. Sahu
Manager - Tool Room
Mr. I. J. Chaudhari
Manager - Maintenance
Mr. S. A. Geete
Manager - Extrusion
Mr. S. B. Dhokpatil
Mr. Asim Paul
Manager - Projects